Grace Life Church

This website, powered by Collipsis Web Solutions for Grace Life Church, is a prime example of functionality and stylish elegance wrapped up into one user-friendly design. The website features a changing background that adds interest without being invasive, complemented by the anchored church logo. Navigation is at the top of the site, and uses drop-down menus and subtle hover effects to make the user experience a pleasant one.

Jordan Law Firm

This website was created by Collipsis Web Solutions for Jordan Law Firm, PLLC. Dedicated to excellence, experience, and value, the firm's number one purpose is to provide superior legal services to its clients. The website reflects this goal, as well as a sense of professionalism. The single-column layout maintains simplicity, while the header image provides a solid anchor as well as a background for the clean and interactive navigation.

D-BAT Franchise

Collipsis Web Solutions created this website for D-BAT Franchises with the intent of amplifying the company's already-growing market. The web interface is largely information-driven, providing quick and easy access to everything potential clients need to know about starting at D-BAT Franchise. Designed with usability in mind, the layout provides both clarity and aesthetic appeal while maintaining a professional atmosphere that is characteristic of D-BAT.

This website, created for Renaissance Church by Collipsis Web Solutions, is an accurate representation of the vibrant fellowship the church offers. Colorful to say the least, the design features an easy-to-use one-column layout with plenty of navigational options. These include interactive buttons at the bottom of the homepage for service times and locations, media, upcoming events, and ways to get connected.


Collipsis Web Solutions created this website for the Oklahoma Writers' Federation Inc, an organization that has been inspiring a love of writing since 1958. The website uses a simple but highly effective information-based layout to get viewers where they need to be with minimal guesswork. Pages of interest include a staff page, blog, calendar of events, and a page dedicated to the OKWFI's writing contest. The website's color scheme incorporates cool blues to achieve a tone that is both professional and calming.

Triumphant Faith Church

Triumphant Faith Church (Église de la Foi Triomphante), located in Quebec City, is led by pastors Ike and Cindy Cool, and teaches the integrity of the Word of God and life of the Spirit. The church's website, beautifully designed by Collipsis Web Solutions, is available in French and English. The main page features a rotator bar displaying pictures and news items, as well as tidy navigation so visitors can find what they need easily.

Believers Faith Center

Believer's Faith Church is located in Statesville, NC. Its members are firm believers that the vision is here and now, to "take hold of, cling to, and to never lose sight of". For such a dynamic body of Christ, an equally dynamic website was needed, so Collipsis Web Solutions stepped up to the plate to create this functional and interactive online home for BFC. Featuring a sleek interface and modern design, the website is sure to help further the cause of Believer's Faith Church--to be ambassadors of light in a dark and hurting world.

Classy Limousine

Classy Limousine is a locally owned and operated company servicing Eastern Kentucky, Southern Ohio and West Virginia. With over 29 years of transportation experience in public and private transportation under its belt, the management wanted a website that conveyed a sense of elegance and class at a reasonable price. Collipsis Web Solutions has done just that, creating a site that is information-driven without lacking flair.

Word and Spirit International

Collipsis Web Solutions created this website for Word and Spirit International, a church located in Eugene, Oregon. The website makes use of its clean, uncluttered space to showcase content in a way that is aesthetically calming and professionally-oriented. The church's logo makes appearances in several different ways, including at the top of each screen and in the image rotator on the main page.

Linda Apple

This website was built by Collipsis Web Solutions for Linda Apple, a writer and speaker with a love for people and a focus on communication. While browsing through her website, which was designed with a warm, homey atmosphere in mind, it's easy to catch her infectious good nature and passion for encouragement.

Berean Fellowship Church

For Berean Fellowship Church, Collipsis Web Solutions created a website that is thoroughly inviting, artistic, and informative. The main design features a "collage" of photos, textures, and brushes and achieves a certain look that is warm and rustic while maintaining a professional feel. Berean Fellowship, located in Pittsburgh, is a ministry of readiness, restoration, raising up and revival. See for yourself!

Victory Church

Collipsis Web Solutions has created this information-driven website for Victory Church Hattiesburg, a church with a priority for missions and a desire to share God's love not only to the local community, but to the nations. The website features interactive navigation and plenty of information for anybody interested in finding out more about Victory.

Living Word Fellowship

Located in Guymon, Oklahoma, Living Word Fellowship is a body of Jesus that desperately seeks the presence of God in their lives individually and corporately each week as they come together on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Dedicated to "caring more about your future than your past", LWF houses a family of Believers who share a common goal of spreading the work and Word of God.

For Living Word Fellowship, Collipsis Web Solutions created a website that is designed to be slick and navigational while also heavily informative. Every thriving community needs an equally thriving online "base", and Collipsis Web Solutions has provided LWF with just that.

D-BAT Pro Shop

D-BAT Pro Shops is an internal network where franchise owners can log in to order supplies online. Collipsis Web Solutions created the website strictly for functionality and organizational purposes, but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish too! Designed with simplicity and a certain flair that has become associated with D-BAT, the website is sure to serve its purpose and surpass the expectations of its users.

Spirit of Faith Family Church

Located in Phoenix, AZ, Spirit of Faith Family Church wants to be a place where God can "move and be God", according to Pastors Randy and Nancy McCutcheon. Collipsis Web Solutions created this breathtaking website to convey the church's warm, direct atmosphere. The website seems to invite visitors to explore, featuring lush colors and easily interactive navigation. Content abounds, so you can find out all you need to know about Spirit of Faith before becoming part of their family.

Live Givers International

Life Givers International provides life-saving resources to children and families around the world through the development of community, economic and professional development programs. The organization seeks to promote the concept of a “global community,” encouraging individuals of varying ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds to work together to meet the needs of children and families around the world. Its website, designed by Collipsis Web Solutions, maintains a simple, easy-to-use interface that successfully incorporates the organization's logo and mission-driven feel.

Victoire Centre Chretien

Victoire Centre Chretien is a thriving church dedicated to bringing the Gospel to the people of France. Located in Nice, it was founded by Pastors John and Laura, who also minister as directors of RHEMA France. Collipsis Web Solutions has created a website for Victoire which successfully conveys the beauty of France as well as the warmth extended by the church. The website is in French, but easily viewable in English. Find out how God is working abroad by visiting today!

Wood River Assembly of God

Wood River Assembly of God is an Idaho-based church with a strong desire that its visitors experience God in a powerful way. Collipsis Web Solutions designed their website from the ground up, and the result is a beautiful example of ministry and marketing rolled into one. Visit the website today and discover for yourself!

Mullenix Law

Collipsis Web Solutions built this practical yet stylish website for Philip A. Mullenix, attorney at law, forensic interviewer, and interrogation instructor. As an attorney Mullenix provides legal representation through forensic interviewing that is modeled upon detection of deception tactics and non-coercive criminal interrogation techniques. True to form, the website presents its content effectively, designed in a manner that is professional and easy-to-navigate.

Open Door Enterprises

Open Door Enterprises is a bold undertaking, siezing opportunities to make the world better one project at a time. Led by a team of committed individuals, the organization has started several inspiring ministries such as Tanzania Is Thirsty and Kids For Jesus. Collipsis Web Solutions created a sleek, information-driven website to assist Open Door Enterprises in its goal of telling a story to the rest of the world. The website's main content is presented in a unique "patchwork" layout, giving visitors plenty of room for interaction.

Richard Kennedy Ministries

Richard Kennedy Ministries is a faith-based organization focused on serving the local church and local ministries in Morrisville, NC. Founder Richard Kennedy states that his heart is "to encourage, equip, and empower people through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit." Collipsis Web Solutions created the ministry an interactive, information-driven website that is not only easy to navigate, but also features plenty of content to keep visitors busy.

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