Global Servants

So no life goes unchanged. With just a 150 dollars and a passion to see lives changed by the power and truth of God’s Word, Dr. Mark Rutland and his wife Alison started Global Servants organization over thirty years ago. Today GS has reached thousands of people through seminars, camps, local projects, and much more. Hundreds of churches have come out of these global gospel outreaches and many more are sure to come. Collipsis took a snap shot of what this ongoing work may look and feel like, which can now be fully experienced online. Shop the GS store, check out some outreaches, sign up for events, and even make a donation all in the same place.


Brenda Mantooth Ministries

Published in purple, Brenda Mantooth Ministries finds good reason to say welcome. Her signature tidbits make headway on the front cover of this installment, bringing out the socialization of the space. Those familiar with her and her wisdoms will enjoy every moment of the rotating screen captures and cycle through to learn more about what's happening within the ministry and how they can partner up. What's unique about Mantooth's display is that it's freshly setup to receive PayPal gifts, donations, and tithes, as well as outfitted nicely with an eStore featuring three of her topical teachings on CD series. Mantooth had every bit of say in how things work around here. Shouldn't you?


Jordan Law Firm

This website was created by Collipsis Web Solutions for Jordan Law Firm, PLLC. Dedicated to excellence, experience, and value, the firm's number one purpose is to provide superior legal services to its clients. The website reflects this goal, as well as a sense of professionalism. The single-column layout maintains simplicity, while the header image provides a solid anchor as well as a background for the clean and interactive navigation. 

Mt. Zion Lions Club

Mt. Zion Lions Club meets twice monthly every second and fourth Thursday at 6:30 PM. But more than that the Lions now have a way to meet and access information anytime they need through one of Collipsis' latest installments. Their site is ready to go with a rotating news banner, contact form fields for area interest, image galleries, and some distinct menus. The club is already taking advantage of its ability to disseminate convenient information for events and gatherings planned ahead while more information is on its way.

FCF School of Ministry

Faith Christian Fellowship International School of Ministry is dedicated to providing each student with an opportunity to study the Bible and grow in relationship with God. Any organization called by God is called to reach the next generation. This age of technology with the worldwide internet and communication capability has changed students’ access to education. One doesn’t have to leave home and live in a dormitory in order to receive a quality education any more. An online university makes an education available to students in some of the most remote parts of our planet.

FCF’s vision is to help others fulfill the call of God on their lives. To fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples for Christ and to accomplish our vision, we offer this educational opportunity to students around the globe.

Howell Display

Featuring custom, Made-In-The-USA display cases, at Howell Display Cases you can find something for everyone and everything. Collipsis Web Solutions created this unique Web site for Howell Display Cases after the company realized the need to have a place online where their customers could easily look at samples of their work and order some of their more standard displays.

Castle Ministries

"Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is Heaven," rings the cry of those championing the Kingdom. Castle Ministries welcomes you to their provincial estate outfitted by Collipsis in majestic form. These folks are on a crusade mission and theirs is to proclaim the Gospel to all those who wish to hear, preaching the Kingdom of God is near. Castle Ministries is symbolic of God's own dominion and no different is its online home, which extends powerful prayer support to those in the surrounding communities of Lexington, KY and Tulsa, OK. While Keith and Brenda Knight shepherd the fold guided by a steadfast vision and a heart towards God, Collipsis equips them with dynamic content and a storefront featuring audio and literary praise to ignite the hearts of others. 


You've got questions? We've got answers. Help.Collipsis.com was created jut for Clients of Collipsis Web Solutions to use in updating and maintiaining their sites. We allow you to stay in control and we give you the resources to do what you need to on your Web sites.

Market Yourself: The Book

<p><strong><img src="/images/Portfolio/marketyourself.jpg" border="0" width="367" style="float: left; margin: 10px;" />Market Yourself the Book, Tulsa, OK:</strong> Birthed out of a desire to share, JP Jones, author of "Market Yourself the Book: A Beginner's Guide to Social Media", delivers a hefty sample of today's most notable and FREE marketing tools for the aspiring author, programmer, designer,... well, you name it!<br /><br />Topics in this how-to-book include Web sites, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, RSS feeds, Flickr, social bookmarking and more. You can purchase the eBook for $5 or a paperback copy for $8 from <a href="http://marketyourselfthebook.com/" target="_blank">www.MarektYourselfTheBook.com</a>. An Amazon Kindle edition is now available from <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Market-Yourself-Beginners-Social-ebook/dp/B0038JEWBS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&amp;m=AG56TWVU5XWC2&amp;s=digital-text&amp;qid=1275532545&amp;sr=1-1" target="_blank">Amazon.com</a>. Jones has been designing professionally for over 9 years and brings a wide array of social media expertise to the marketing arena.</p>

Life After Publishing

<p><strong><img src="/images/Portfolio/lifeafterpublishing.jpg" border="0" width="367" style="float: left; margin: 10px;" />Life After Publishing, Tulsa, OK:</strong> Did anyone ever tell you there's more to being an author than simply writing a book? It's true! From social networking to building connections and an online presence... we're just getting started. Find out about these and more at the conference on August 21, in Tulsa, OK.<br /><br />Speakers include: Leon Mentzer, author of "Amen, A Simple Guide to Self-Marketing Your Christian Book", voted "Best New Christian Writer”, and named one of the “Top 100 Inspirational Writers” in the nation by Writer’s Digest; JP Jones, a graphic designing, web designing, social marketing guru and author of Market Yourself the Book; and Nicholas Clayton, an expert in serverside programming and co-founder of Collipsis Web Solutions, LLC. </p>

Life Triumphant Church

Life Triumphant Church, Derry/L'Derry, Northern Ireland: Welcome to Life Triumphant Church. We are a new, vibrant and growing Church in the City of Derry/L'Derry Northern Ireland with a vision to see
believers living a Life, Triumphant in Christ Jesus.

Pastor’s David and Claire Cullen are the founders and Pastor’s of Life Triumphant Church. Pastor David holding the office of Senior Pastor and Pastor Claire holding the office of Children’s Pastor.

Whether you are young, old, single or married there is a place for you in our Church. It is our desire that you live the triumphant life God has called you to live through Jesus Christ. The Christian life should not be dull, boring and religious. It is fun, victorious and fulfilling. So if you’re seeking a growing and vibrant Church family who love and care, look no further. Welcome Home!

Hootpress Conversion

HootPress Conversion house, Tulsa, OK: HootPress is a full service eBook conversion house specializing in all your digital needs. From Kindle to Nook to iPad and even Sony eReader, we've got what it takes to get your books into the most popular formats. "Why digital?" you may ask. Well, it's quite simple. No printing costs in your future mean only profits! So as your books continue to sell, the rest of your money can be spent elsewhere — perhaps even on that next published work.

 Photos? No Problem. Text with Chapter Graphics? Easier done than said. "Whoooo said eBook conversion had to be hard?"

In Search of Design

Site Update: The newly remodeled ISOD takes on a whole new look with its fresh new appearance and broadened landscapes for custom-fitted content. Updates include an elegant look and feel, modernized menu dropdowns, elongated content display for maximum exposure, and a consolidation of categorically placed material.

ISOD remains to be one of the leading sources for up and coming designers, web builders, and marketers to gather insightful information for their latest projects and campaigns. Contact site owner JP Jones to find out more about what's happening in the design communities and even advertise your content on the site itself!

In Search of Design, Broken Arrow, OK: The first online print design resource for Designers. From business cards to package design. We leave no stone unturned.

Each year, In Search of Design sponsors a student design competition giving design students the opportunity to get their hands dirty in a real world design environment. 

Christian Story Teller

Christian Story Teller, Decatur, IN: We at Christian Story Teller know that there are thousands of scams out here that have taken the heart and soul of many a good Christian author. Be assured that we  DO NOT hitch our wagon to just anyone. We at CST WILL NOT give our approval to just anyone. When we state that they're a PREFERRED VENDER we mean it.

We believe in the authors, businesses and organizations that we feature on our website.We at CST stand behind our picks for "Best Awards of the Year". The award winners are CST and we are a family of authors and we take care of our own.

There are lots of good publishers out there and we await those authors to inform us about their personal relationships with their publishing company.

Keeton Books

Author Angela Keeton, Romancing The Creator, Tulsa, OK:When you first experience the tangible presence of God, you are beside yourself with joy! You can hardly believe you get to come back into that presence, over and over again—as often as your heart desires. And God will always be there to totally intoxicate you with His love, His goodness and His beauty. You can drink in as much of Him as you can possibly contain, because no matter how much you drink or how often you come, you will never exhaust the endless supply that constantly invites you back for more!

Adorn New York

Update: Adorn New York's jewelry and more receives a site refresh that's sure to catch a few glimmer and glamor seeking eyes. Take a look at the simplistic, yet intuitive interface Collipsis renovated for the vibrant, creative entrepreneurial duo. Adorn always has the perfect style to match your dynamic wardrobe. Look around the store and even shop for your favorite accessories from the online catalog. There's more to be discovered than ever before at this unique boutique. From suede to metal, leather and beaded, something for everyone lies in wait. Not only that but Adorn's connecting with you on your favorite social networks. The new Adorn is too dazzling to miss; adorn yourself.

Raqquyah Webb owner and jewelry designer at Adorn New York: From the modest beginnings of T’s & Stuff to the more Savvy Chic ~ADORN~, Raqquyah’s creations, to name a few things have graced the ears of models, chosen to be ‘must haves’ in goodie bags sponsored by Madison And Mulholland, in the magazine, Candy Apple and on the shelves of Michelle New York clothing boutique in Brooklyn, New York. Raqquyah celebrates every success of ~ADORN~ no matter the size and is always humbled by the genuine compliments and encouragement given her by ~ADORN~’s first customers, the people at the neighborhood street fairs.

Looking Inside Out

Author Elaine Davis, Looking Inside Out, Tulsa, OK: Raised a Mennonite, Elaine grows up an outsider, torn by contradictions and sadness.  Searching for love and acceptance she never receives from her father leaves her unfulfilled and alone….She endures religious threats, incest and mental illness within her home.

As an adult, Elaine forsakes her family’s church and seeks a new place in the world.   Her search becomes a tumultuous cycle of marriages and verbal, emotional and physical abuse.  It isn’t until she accepts the love of her Heavenly Father that she discovers what love really is, and finds peace within herself.

McGill Ministries

Ruth McGill, founder McGill Ministries, Lancsing, MI: We are a full Gospel, non-denominational ministry with passion to do the works of Jesus and see lives transformed by the living Word of God.

Pastor Ruth's messages are practical and relevant for every day life.  She teaches with simplicity, humor, and great boldness. God has placed a healing anointing on Pastor Ruth's life and many have received instant manifestations of healing through her ministry.

We have created this website with you in mind.  You'll find a prayer of salvation, Pastor Ruth's books and CD's, information about her meetings, Bible studies, prayer meetings, what we believe, and more.

The Mentor Pack

Faith Christian Fellowship's Online Ministry Magazine: The Mentor Pack, subscription only: The Mentor Pack is a monthly online magazine produced by Faith Christian Fellowship each month to subscribers all over the world.

Each issue is preceeded by an email alerting subscribers of a new issue. The online magazine is available in English and Spanish.

New Life Children's Home

Nolan and Julia Vockrodt, founder of New Life Children Homes in the Phillippines and Nepal:

  • New Life Children's Home consists of two orphanages in the Philippines and Nepal.

  • New Life has a large children's church ministry outreach at the Philippine Home.

  • We rescue children, and bring them into our orphanages where they are clothed, fed, given medical treatment, educated, and most of all loved!

  • Our focus is to equip our children to lead stable adult lives where they can positively affect their community.

  • New Life funds the homes with  gifts from churches and individuals, just like you.

  • We are a non-profit 501 c. 3 organization - your support is tax deductible.

We Love Our Clients.Here are a few we are proud to serve.

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